Project MAM

Would you help to make a stranger a millionaire?

Hello, my name is Mr.M


We life in a century, where it's possible to make money in the most awesome ways. Nowadays people make money via internet and social networks. It's like a huge marketplace with endless capabilities.


I also wanted to find a great idea to make enough money to live on. I dont't want a luxury live, I am thinking more of a normal, economical  life and I want to be quite independent and spend my life with family, living in my own  4 walls and maybe do some traveling.


So how could I make money via internet? Maybe by selling things to people. Yeah, good idea! But which things? I don't own a company that produces things, which I can sell to people and I am also not an artist that can sell his artworks.


Then I thought, what if many  kind people  would give me a small amount of their money?

Would such a system even work? Well asking costs nothing! I don't have anything to loose, so I am just trying it. I want to be honest to the people, I think thats the most important thing about doing such a project like this. So the money that you can donate here is not for a charity project, it's just for me and my family.

If you think it's not outrageous to ask people donating money for me it's okay! Thats your opinion and I accept it. But maybe I can find people that will help me make money.


I think that 20 000$ per year is enough for me (as I said I want to be economical) and if I can get 1 million I could life 50 years from it. So my aim is the 1 million mark.


If I can find 1 million people that all  just donate 1$, I  can make 1 million dollar! If they would donate 2$, I would just need 500 thousand people. And so on and on. So I have to find these peolpe!  I you want to help me with my project then please donate or at least just share this site with friends and family. You can donate as much as you think that is okay for you. If 1$, 2$ or maybe a few Dollars more, I am grateful for every donation!



Thanks for reading this and I hope you will support me! If you like to donate just click on the donation-button above and follow the instructions. Please also share this site, even if you wont donate. Thank you!